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Welcome to the LIFT - Privacy Portal

Thanks for being a part of our LIFT community and for subscribing to our mailing and communications lists. We're committed to keeping your data safe and protecting your right to privacy.

Please find more information about our Privacy Policies and POPI compliance below.

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy notice or our practices with regards to your personal information‚ please contact us at

  • Why does LIFT need my data?+

    We need your personal data to facilitate the rendering of products and services you decide to take up with LIFT. Knowing more about you also helps us provide you with promotions and discounts tailored to you as the traveller.

  • How does LIFT collect my data? +

    LIFT collects your data when you interact with us as part of using our services. This data is provided directly by you to us or via linked Partners e.g Booking Engines that have your consent to do so. We may also collect your personal information from a person acting on your behalf‚ any regulator‚ or other third parties that may hold such information.

  • Is my data safe?+

    We want to assure you that your personal data is secure with us‚ and for you to understand how we use this data to offer you a better‚ more personalised booking and travel experience. All data is securely stored and shared with third parties and partners only as necessary to deliver the service as consented to in compliance with local data protection laws.

  • Why does this matter?+

    We take the responsibility that comes with being entrusted with your personal data very seriously‚ and we're committed to respecting your rights regarding the use and security of your personal data. For this reason‚ we want to provide you with clear and transparent information about how we collect‚ use and protect your personal data‚ the circumstances where we may share your personal data‚ and your rights in relation to your personal data.

  • How do I manage my data?+

    To get visibility of your personal data and to update your details and preferences‚ log in to your LIFT Customer profile. If you don’t have a LIFT Customer profile‚ register here. For more detailed‚ formal feedback in terms of obtaining a copy of your personal data‚ please see our POPI Policy to fill out and submit the required form.