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About LIFT

Welcome to SA’s most flexible airline.

When it comes to hassle-free travel‚ LIFT is loved for its customer-obsessed approach. With LIFT‚ travellers can enjoy complete peace of mind throughout their journey - from easy‚ online bookings to penalty free changes and cancellations. Our LIFT Wallet is a first-of-its-kind and offers you instant LIFT Wallet refunds that can be used for future bookings‚ extras or upgrades. You can also save with our LIFT Wallet top-up bundle deals.

With up to 20 daily flights‚ 3 major destinations and a Premium‚ business-class inspired offering‚ LIFT caters to every kind of traveller. Even those with small dogs! Our dog-friendly flights mean that you can fly with your small dog in the cabin.

By creating platforms for local talent to shine‚ we hope to bring a little upliftment to South Africans when we need it the most. Our collaboration with renowned artist Zolani Mahola "The One Who Sings"‚ is just the start. Our dream is to let LIFT become a springboard for musicians‚ artists and entertainers around the country. From here‚ the sky really is the limit.

We’re also known for our standout in-flight experience and innovative partnerships. After all‚ where else can you enjoy bottomless vida e caffè at 36 000 ft?

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