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LIFT Wallet

What is a LIFT Wallet?

A LIFT Wallet is a secure‚ electronic Wallet linked to your customer profile. LIFT customers automatically have access to their LIFT Wallet when they make their first booking. LIFT Wallet funds are instantly deposited into your LIFT Wallet following a booking cancellation.

LIFT Wallet funds can be used as a form of payment to purchase flights‚ flight extras or for an upgrade to LIFT Premium!

Save time on your next booking
Save up to 10% with Top-up deals
Get instant LIFT Wallet refunds

LIFT Wallet Top-up

With a LIFT Wallet‚ you are able to top-up your Wallet balance for future travel starting from as little as R500.

We offer two types of top-ups‚ namely the LIFT Wallet Top-up - Standard and LIFT Wallet Top-up - Saver.⁣ With our LIFT Wallet Top-up Saver‚ the more you Top-up‚ the more you save.



For first-time customers‚ learn how to create a customer profile here.

  • Existing customers‚ click on the Customer Login link in the black bar‚ top right of the screen
  • A Login pop-up will appear
  • Fill in all the required fields and click LOGIN
  • Trouble logging in? Select the reset your password link on the Login screen and follow the steps.

View your balance

  • After successful login‚ click on your name in the black bar top right of the screen‚ this will take you to your customer profile
  • Your LIFT Wallet Balance will be displayed below the welcome message
  • You can now book a flight with your LIFT Wallet as a form of payment

Book using your LIFT Wallet

  • To use your LIFT Wallet as a form of payment you will need to be logged in as a customer.
  • On the payment page‚ select Pay from LIFT Wallet as your form of payment
  • When more than one payment method is selected to pay for a ticket‚ the full amount available in your LIFT Wallet will be used. Thereafter‚ the balance due will be allocated to the other form of payment.