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Dog-friendly flights

We know that your four-legged friends are a part of the family. That's why we've created a unique offering for our travellers to fly onboard LIFT‚ with their small dogs. Your dog will now be able to travel in an approved‚ purpose built soft-case dog carrier placed under the blocked window seat allocated to your booking.

For those of you that aren't dog fanatics or have allergies - not to worry! Only a limited number of dogs are allowed to travel per flight‚ and a rigorous cleaning schedule is conducted in between flights.

For our travellers with larger dogs or other pets - unfortunately‚ we are not able to accommodate them.

View our dog-friendly flight schedule.


  • DO NOT book your own flight(s)
  • The Dog-in-Cabin form must be submitted no later than 7 days before your intended date of travel.
  • First‚ fill out the Dog-in-cabin Request Form requesting availability.
  • Our LIFT Customer Support Team will be in touch within 24 business hours (Monday to Friday) to confirm availability.
  • The cost of the dog booking will be equal to the fare paid by the accompanying adult (less taxes).
  • Once the quote has been accepted‚ our LIFT Customer Support Team will complete the booking for you.

Please note:

The Dog-in-Cabin form must be submitted no later than 7 days before your intended date of travel.

Following strict airport safety protocols‚ your dog must remain in the carrier bag throughout the entire journey - ie. Before entering the airport until exiting the destination airport.


  • Kindly arrive at least 2 hours before your scheduled flight departure
  • Head on over to our LIFT check-in counters‚ with your dog in its carrier. A member of our team will assist you with checking in
  • At the check-in counters‚ the traveller will be given a baggage tag for their pet carrier bag.
  • To comply with airport security procedures‚ all dog carriers and passengers must be security screened
  • All pets will need to be removed from their carriers (by their owners) and the empty carrier will be scanned by the responsible airport representative.
  • Once cleared‚ the owner will need to put their dog back in its container.
  • After screening‚ the passenger will put the dog back in the carrier and make their way to the boarding gate.

Please note:

At no time may the dog be removed from the pet carrier bag except for the above-mentioned screening process.

  • An additional seat for the dog will need to be booked in the pet- friendly zones. The window seat will be blocked for the pet and the accompanying owner/passenger will need to be seated in the adjacent (middle) seat.
  • The dog must be securely placed under the window seat during take-off and landing and may not be removed from the dog carrier bag during the flight. After take-off the traveler may move the carrier bag forward‚ however‚ neither the dog nor the carrier bag may be placed on the seat next to the passenger or on the passenger's lap
  • When disembarking‚ the onus is on the traveller to ensure that the dog remains in the carrier bag until they exit the terminal building.
Dog Friendly Seats
  • Travel Requirements +

    To ensure the comfort and safety of our travellers‚ both furry and human‚ please take note of the following important T&Cs:

    • Only one dog is allowed per adult passenger
    • Your dog must be at least 10 weeks old to fly
    • A dog travelling in the cabin must be carried in an approved purpose-built soft-case dog carrier bag that is well ventilated‚ at all times
    • The dog carrier bag may not exceed dimensions of L - 55cm x W - 35cm x H - 28cm.
    • Puppy training pads/absorbent sheets must be placed in the dog carrier bag
    • Only one dog is allowed in a carrier bag and may not exceed 7kg in weight. They must be able to stand up‚ lie down‚ and turn around comfortably
    • A dog will not be permitted to occupy a seat‚ and the dog carrier bag must fit completely under the seat in front of the window seat reserved and remain there at all times
    • Dogs must travel on the same flights as the traveller responsible for them
    • Dogs can't travel with unaccompanied minors.

    In the interests of your pet's wellbeing‚ LIFT staff and/or agents are authorised to deny boarding on the day of travel if the criteria have not been met. Please also make sure to keep your dog inside the carrier at all times - both before and during the flight.

    If you have any queries about your pet carrier before travelling‚ feel free to drop us an email at

    Please note: The rules for Service Dogs are different from those for travelling with small dogs. Service Animals‚ including Emotional Support Dogs and Psychiatric Dogs‚ are allowed to accompany qualifying travellers with disabilities in the cabin. For more information‚ please contact our Customer Support Desk at

    Example of the permitted soft-case pet carrier bag.
    Approved Pet Carrier Bag -Soft Shell
  • Dog Health Requirements+

    The health and safety of your dog is our top priority.

    The onus is on the customer to consult a registered Veterinarian to inform them and gain their consent for the dog to travel in the cabin as well as obtain the latest information before travelling with their dog(s) on board a Dog-Friendly flight.

    No booking requests will be accepted unless the dog has been vaccinated according to current veterinary and our own requirements and documentary proof thereof must be presented.

    The below information is required by LIFT when a customer requests Dog-In-Cabin flight services on board one of our flights:

    Vaccination Requirements
    10 to 12 Weeks
    Combination Vaccine (5-in-1)
    12 Weeks +
    Combination Vaccine (5-in-1) & Rabies
    7 Years +
    Vet book to confirm that pet is fit to travel
    By law‚ all dogs in South Africa must be vaccinated against Rabies
    • Dogs older than 3 months must be inoculated against Rabies. It is recommended that this should be done annually
    • Should the dog have a medical condition and the veterinarian has recommended that any vaccinations or rabies shots be skipped or postponed‚ the passenger must include a letter from their registered Veterinarian.
    • Your dog must be in good health and fit for travel
    • Pregnant dogs will not be allowed to travel
    • Your dog must be well-fed and hydrated
    • Feed your dog no more than 4 hours before departure to avoid nausea or soiling carrier bag