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Special Assistance Services

We understand that our travellers may require special assistance when flying‚ and we therefore aim to make this process as easy as possible. Should you require a wheelchair or any special assistance‚ it is important to request assistance when you book your flight to ensure arrangements are made accordingly. Alternatively‚ special assistance may also be requested via our Customer Support Desk on no later than 48 Hours prior to departure. 

Due to safety regulations‚ we are limited to the number of individuals with special needs that we are permitted to carry per flight.

For any additional information‚ please visit our FAQ page on our website



Book your flights online and request the special service you require during the booking flow.


Select the required special assistance service from the list provided on the form to the right and complete all required information.


Our LIFT Support Desk will be in contact within 24 hours to confirm that the service has been received and actioned.


Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. Please ensure that you have all relevant documents with you‚ where applicable.


Please allow a few seconds for the form to load.


Additional Information


    WCHR - A passenger who requires a wheelchair at check-in to and from the aircraft but can walk up/down stairs and can manage in the cabin unaided.

    • WCHS - A passenger who requires a wheelchair at check-in to and from the aircraft‚ assistance up/down stairs‚ but is able to make his/her own way to/from the cabin seat. A Passenger-Aid-Unit (PAU) may be required to board this passenger.

    WCHC - A passenger who requires a wheelchair at check-in to and from the aircraft and assistance up/down stairs and in the aircraft. A PAU may be required to board this passenger. The passenger will be required to have their own able-bodied assistance at all times. Passengers and their assistants may not be seated in emergency exit rows.


    A Meet and Assist traveller requires assistance to and from the aircraft‚ but no wheelchair is required. This service will only be available from the LIFT check-in counters and from the aircraft to the arrival hall.

    A Young Person is a child between the ages of 12 and 16 years. These travellers may travel alone‚ but they cannot stand in as an adult companion for another child between the ages of 2 and 11 (no yet 12 at time of travel). They may not be seated in emergency rows or seats and no supporting documentation will be required for these travellers.


    An Unaccompanied Minor is a child aged 5-11 years old travelling without the supervision of a parent or guardian who is 16 years or older.

    Airport process for unaccompanied minors

    On the day of departure‚ the following processes will be followed:

    1. Unaccompanied Minors do not require a parental / guardian declaration.

    2. The responsible adult(s) should present the child at check-in and complete the required declaration forms prior to boarding and remain with the child for as long as possible.

    3. The responsible adult(s) should be requested to remain at the airport until the aircraft is airborne.

    4. Unaccompanied Minors will be allocated seating in accordance with the seating plan for the appropriate aircraft.

    5. When required to proceed to the boarding gates‚ a ground staff member/handling agent shall be responsible (in agreement with the responsible adult(s)) to take care of the child and supervise the boarding proceedings of the child onto the aircraft.

    6. The Ground staff member shall ensure that the child is kept safe.

    7. The Ground staff member shall inform the Senior Cabin Crew Member of the Unaccompanied Minor prior to boarding and shall escort the Unaccompanied Minor to the aircraft; ensuring they have their travel documents and tickets in a sealed pouch (Note: small children will normally carry this around their neck).

    8. The cabin crew member shall sign the Unaccompanied Minor form as acknowledgment of the Unaccompanied Minor being on board.

    9. On arrival of the flight at the destination airport‚ ground personnel should meet the child at the aircraft and escort the Unaccompanied Minor from the aircraft‚ through the airport terminal and to where the child is handed over to the relatives or guardians and the Unaccompanied Minor form is signed as an acknowledgment that the Unaccompanied Minor is handed over to the responsible adult as indicated on the form.

    10. LIFT Airlines will provide the required documentation to be completed.


    All service dogs (guide dogs‚ assistance dogs) are carried free of charge‚ provided the dog is traveling with the owner/passenger‚ and that the individual is fully dependent on the animal.

    Arrangements for the carriage of service animals are to be concluded no later than 72 hours prior to flight departure and such requests are to be sent to the Customer Support Desk on

    Travellers will be required to produce the following documentation for these dogs

    1. Passengers must carry a VET Card and all Health and Customs documentation as required by local legislation.

    2. The passenger must also hold a current Service Dog ID (certificate) issued by an approved organisation.

    3. This documentation should be available during the entire duration of the travellers journey should he/she be requested to produce such documentation

    4. The Service/Guide Dog must be fully trained and harnessed and will be seated on the floor in front of the passenger's seat.

    5. Passengers travelling with an Emotional Support Animal will also require a letter from a physician stating that the passenger is dependent on the animal when travelling


    Expectant mothers may travel up to 28 (twenty eight) weeks with no medical certificate. From 28 (twenty eight) to 35 (thirty five) weeks a doctor’s note is required.

    From the start of the 36th (thirty-sixth) week of pregnancy expectant mothers will not be accepted for travel.

    We urge all expecting mothers to consult with their physician to determine whether it is safe to travel by air‚ including with due consideration to the possibility of turbulence‚ cabin pressurization‚ a significantly increased risk of deep vein thrombosis associated with pregnancy and lack of ready access to medical care.

    Women with a history of complications or premature delivery should not fly at all. By travelling with us‚ pregnant women acknowledge and accept these risks.


    Under no circumstances are passengers allowed to use their own oxygen cylinders on board.

    LIFT does provide oxygen but this is for emergencies only.

    Travellers making use of oxygen generators/concentrators must obtain prior written approval from LIFT. Arrangements should be concluded no later than 48 hours prior to departure. The approval letter along with the LIFT Special Assistance Form should accompany the traveller on arrival at the LIFT check-in counters.

    We are unable to accommodate any devices requiring external electrical power on board the aircraft.

    Travellers may use their own aviation approved oxygen generators/concentrators (not cylinders).

    Medical Syringes - If for medical reasons‚ travellers need to inject themselves during the flight (e.g. diabetics) they are permitted to carry syringes in the cabin. Please ensure that this is indicated on the LIFT Special Assistance Form and is carried with you to ensure compliance. Travellers are advised to carry their medication in their hand luggage as medication could freeze in the hold.