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Before You Travel

We've compiled a list of items and steps for you to follow to ensure you have a smooth travel experience when flying with us. From checking in to disembarking the plane‚ these steps and tips will make your flying experience a breeze.

Before leaving your home

Check-in Online


Online check-in opens 24 hours before departure and closes 45 minutes before departure - check-in online.

Boarding Pass

Boarding pass

Download‚ email or print your boarding pass‚ whichever way you find works best for you. You can also get your boarding pass at the check-in counter.

Proof of Identification

Proof of Identification

You may use either a driver's license‚ identity document or passport when travelling. Children require an original birth certificate which can be abridged or unabridged. Find out more about acceptable forms of identification.

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At the airport

Online Check-In

Arrive Early

Life happens‚ and so does traffic. We recommend arriving at the airport 120min before your flight departs. Check-in closes 45 min before departure for passenger and baggage acceptance. Boarding gates close 15 min before departure.

Arrive on Time

Hand Baggage

Don't have any bags to check in? If you already have your boarding pass on hand‚ head on to the security gates. No need to check in at the check-in counters. Our economy brand includes one free item of hand baggage and our premium brand includes two free items of hand baggage that weigh no more than 7kgs and may not exceed the following dimensions: 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. Learn more about our baggage policies.

Security Scanner

Checked-in Baggage

The LIFT agent at the check-in counters are ready to grab your bags and send them off to the plane. Arriving early will ensure you dont have any “long-queue stress" worrying that you will miss your boarding time. Check-in closes 45 min before departure for baggage acceptance.

Security Scanner


LIFT Premium customers‚ look out for our PREMIUM check-in counter where our “black” carpet welcome is ready to assist you. Skip the long security queues at the Fast Track(TM) security checkpoint.

Smooth sailing security

Have your boarding pass in hand at the security gates. Passengers travelling with laptops will need to remove them from their bags before sliding them through the x-ray machine. Remove all items that might contain metal‚ such as belts and watches‚ to avoid the Macarena-pat-down from security.

At the boarding gates

Our team will need to check that the correct person is boarding the plane‚ so have your proof of identification and boarding pass ready. Once through the gate‚ our team will direct you to your seat. PLEASE NOTE: Boarding gates will open 30 min before the scheduled time of departure and will close 15 min before departure.


Once safely on the ground and the plane has parked at the allocated gate‚ will our crew instruct passengers to disembark. Exiting from the rear of the plane will be dependent on the weather. Passengers that require assistance to disembark need to remain seated until everyone has left the aircraft.