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SeatsFrequently Asked Questions


  • How do I book my seat?+

    For economy tickets‚ seats can be purchased at the time of booking or it can be added after a reservation has been made via the Manage Booking path. Seats range in price‚ depending on the attributes chosen. View fees here

    For Premium tickets‚ a free seat can be selected at the time of booking or it can be added after a reservation has been made via the Manage Booking path.

  • How do I make changes to my seat?+

    Seats can be changed via the Manage Booking path online where you can easily navigate your way to the seat map where you can choose a different seat.

  • Seat Selections+

    Does my infant have a seat?

    Infants under the age of 2 years on the date of travel must be seated on an accompanying adult’s lap. Infants (children) older than 2 years must be booked in their own seat.

    Adults must be 16 years of age to carry an infant.

    Adults with infants will not be allowed to sit in an emergency exit row seat.

    Can I reserve a seat next to an emergency exit?

    During the booking process‚ you'll be able to view the map of available seats. To book emergency exit seats‚ you need to be able-bodied and able to assist with any possible emergencies. Our cabin staff will run through all procedures with you on the day and double-check that you’re eligible for these selected seats.

    Children and passengers carrying an infant are not allowed to be seated in the Emergency Exit.

    Security protocols must be adhered to by passengers occupying an exit row seat. These can be found in our T&Cs.

    Can I choose a seat when using online or mobile check-in?

    Yes. You’ll be able to view our seat map during the check-in process. During check-in‚ all unoccupied seats are available for selection free of charge.

    What are my options if I don’t get my pre-booked seat?

    In the unlikely event that we aren’t able to accommodate you on your pre-booked seat‚ we’ll refund the full value of your seat to your LIFT Wallet.

    Where LIFT cancels or changes a flight‚ we’ll try to accommodate you on the same seat or a similar one on your new flight.